We build log-framed dreams out of Nordic wood. The Salvos success story is grounded on 20 years of experience from log construction and on our policy of taking good care of our employees.

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Salvos Finland Oy

  • family-owned company

  • established 2008

  • 20 years of experience in both log construction and renovation

  • revenue 11,2 M€ (2019)

  • staff of 100 design, sales and production professionals

  • 11 sales offices throughout Finland

  • approx. 500 log buildings delivered annually

Relax – we will take care of the entire process for you.


GIANTLOG™ enables unprecedented ways of building. It is the market’s only log structure that settles as little as a wood-frame house, meaning that you no longer need to take wall settling into account in the design.

Thanks to the non-settling structure of GIANTLOG™, it can be combined with other non-settling materials, such as stone, concrete and glass.

Known as a reliable expert partner to construction companies and professional builders, Salvos is responsible for the international sales of GIANTLOG™ to both consumers and construction companies. Salvos has built the Nordics’ largest and most advanced log house assembly plant specifically for GIANTLOG™ deliveries.

The developer of GIANTLOG™ and the sole manufacturer of GIANTLOG™ elements, Pellopuu manufactures each GIANTLOG™ element using one of the world’s largest Hundegger timber lines representing the absolute cutting edge within the field. 


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Salvos was founded by Eino Koskelo, born to a small village in Siikalatva, Finland. Eino started his career as an agricultural entrepreneur but soon decided to apply to an apprenticeship to a local carpenter.

Eino started to build saunas for private consumers based on the schematics of a log sauna built by his grandfather in the 1930s. It did not take long for Eino to need some more workforce as he expanded into building garden buildings, cabins, industrial buildings and houses out of log, customizing each building to the customers’ wishes.

The beginning of a new era

All was well until January 2008, when there came a time that there was not enough work for all employees. Eino decided to make use of this spare time and teach others how to build a perfect sauna the way it should traditionally be done, without compromising on quality. The teaching sessions resulted in three log saunas which were sold to pay the participants’ salaries.

This is how the real success story of Salvos began, almost by accident.

Towards market leadership

Eino designed the first saunas that could be produced entirely indoors regardless of the time of year or the weather. The demand for the ready-made log saunas grew quickly and, in 2010, the sauna division was separated from the construction side of the business. This new company came to be known as Salvos. The Finnish word ‘salvos’ means the traditional cross connection between the logs in the corners of the house. What could be a name more fitting of a company dedicated in building out of log with quality, the way it should be traditionally be done.

Groundwork and building also the foundation was incorporated into the delivery model, providing an even better service to the customer. This is how our story of prefabricated log buildings, created using standardized log elements, began.


Today, we are Finland’s largest log module and prefabricated log building manufacturer in the summer house and garden building segment. Our network of partners consists of high-quality materials providers as well as first-grade partners in construction and consumer finance.