Three delivery options


The quickest way to make your log-framed dream a reality. 

When you choose a turnkey delivery of a Salvos building, there are only a very few things you have are responsible of. You can focus on day-to-day life as we produce the log cabin, garden building or sauna of your dreams for you.

  • Ready-to-move-in delivery
  • Personalized custom design
  • One contract – reliable budget
  • Salvos service will be there to support you


Add the finishing touches yourself

This option includes all the needed parts for the building frame. We will install the log frame and roof, to protect the rest of the work from weather. You can then continue with the installation of doors and windows, etc.

  • We will take care of the most demanding phase of the project
  • The building is safe from the weather
  • All the required parts delivered on site
  • One delivery
  • Salvos Service will be there to support you

3) Package delivery

For the DIY-oriented customer

If you prefer to assemble and install the building yourself, but wish to make the project as easy and smooth as possible, we can deliver all that is needed on site. It is also possible to order only the machined-to-profile, ready-to-install logs from us. 

  • Personalized custom design
  • Superior modification options
  • Detailed work and installation drawings
  • All the required parts delivered on site
  • Salvos Service will be there to support you